Shaker Sky 700 ml beaker protein shaker

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Material: 100% plastic
Care instructions: Hand wash, do not put in the dishwasher

SMILODOX Shaker " Sky " 700 ml beaker Protein shaker

Schaker with practical and secure screw cap and a capacity of 700ml. Removable sieve for perfect mixing ratio.

Shaker Pink:
Colour Shaker: Pink
Screw cap: White
Screw cap: White

Shaker Green:
Colour Shaker: Green
Screw cap: Black

Shaker White:
Colour Shaker: White
Screw cap: Black Screw
cap: Black

  • Smilodox Shaker in stylish look and high quality
  • Practical and safe screw cap
  • Removable sieve insert
  • Screw cover and screw cap
  • 700 ml capacity

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