Gymnastic band Medium strong

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SKU: LS3650C-b

Material: 100% silicone
Dimensions: Pink - 500 x 50 x 6 mm Medium/
Black - 500 x 50 x 8 mm Heavy

The continuous gymnastic band, made of durable latex, can be used in many ways during training. Suitable for leg, butt, arm, back and shoulder training. Due to the two different strengths, the training program can be optimally increased and intensified. Also for use during warming up, Pilates or yoga exercises.
With the gymnastic band as a loop you can train everywhere and without the need of a gym.
The article is available in two strengths:

Pink - MEDIUM (medium)

Black - HEAVY (heavy)

  • Pink - Medium
  • Black - Heavy
  • UNWISHABLE - An absolute must, just order with it.
  • EFFECT - Intensifies every sports programme, versatile
  • UNISEX - Elastic training tape suitable for men & women
  • QUALITY - Made of high quality and elastic silicone

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