Smilodox Athletes

The best of the best


Whoever has a message needs ambassadors to spread it. You already know our message: We want to celebrate your sporty lifestyle and cross borders with you day after day! As ambassadors for this mindset there are also strong personalities at Smilodox who represent our values: the Smilodox athletes. Like our sportswear, they always give at least 100%. Never giving up, always setting new standards. That is our lifestyle. These are the Smilodox Athletes.

Mehr als Mukis und Klicks

Athlete Story

Power with personality

What does it mean to be a Smilodox athlete? Of course all our athletes have one thing in common: strong charisma and a sporty everyday life, which they share with their fans. The athletes enable all sports enthusiasts to identify with Smilodox. They are role models who motivate and activate, so that nobody loses sight of his or her goal and always heads towards it with our fitness and sports fashion at his or her side.

Five principles

More than brawn and clicks

But there is more to representing the Smilodox brand to the outside world. Especially at events and photo shoots the athletes are in the centre of attention and give our products life and personality. This is only possible because each of them is different and has individual strengths that perfectly showcase the diversity of our sportswear. The five principles of Smilodox (strength, instinct, endurance, fighting spirit and passion) are firmly anchored in each of our athletes.

Smilodox Fünf Grundsätze

Do you also want to be in the spotlight as a Smilodox athlete sometime? Then we recommend that you, like all our athletes, find your own way and work hard to achieve your goals. We are not actively looking for athletes for our team - there is no application process in the traditional sense, but we are always on the lookout for new talent and maybe one day you too will be part of our team.

But more important than the future is the present, because "Smilodox Athlete" is everyone who trains with the right mindset and sportswear - you can already wear the saber-tooth tiger on your chest today.